What is Temporary Email?

Temporary Email
What is Temporary Email?

For many email marketers, one temporary email strategy works to prove itself both effective, but also cringe-worthy at the same time–the email blast.

The term “blast” can imply unexpected assault and a general lack of tact. And while we’re not suggesting our senders to stop sending email blasts (we provide software that allows for this exact type of sending), we think it’s time to reframe how we think about an email blast for good.

The tips below help internalize your temp email marketing plans from the start and ensure that your next email blast will a) get delivered b) convince your recipients to take action.

Stop calling it as an email blast

Take a stride back before sending your next temporary emails campaign. Getting blasted with email (or anything for that matter) sound like a good experience? This tip should lay down the foundation for how you should think about your email marketing campaigns during the conception phase of your email marketing strategy.

Consider and appreciate your recipient’s time and interest in your brand, and always keep them front of mind when you are designing campaigns. You’re not blowing your recipients; you are giving them with valuable content that may persuade them into paying your brand money.

To brush up on your email marketing procedures, watch our video blog Email Marketing Manners: 4 Tips to Guide Your Sending Strategy.

Adopt an email service provider

Now that you’re creating email campaigns planned to benefit, not irritate your recipients, you’ll be required to verify that your email reaches their inbox and isn’t getting sent to the spam folder or bounced entirely. Email Service Providers (ESPs) cut down the hassle related to email delivery so you can focus on your campaign’s content and strategy.

The larger your list grows, the more serious it is to rely on dependable and fast ESPs. ESPs also monitor the IP that you send email from and let you see if something is up and may be affecting your delivery rate.

temporary email
What is Temporary Email?

Send to a good email list

By now it should continue without sayings—but it’s always worth reemphasizing—any email list you haven’t built with permission marketing tactics jeopardizes your capacity to send any email at all (not to point out it kills your relationship with your recipients).

SendGrid doesn’t provide customer to send email to purchased email lists. This keep you and everyone who uses SendGrid to send email. For strategies on list buildings, see How to Authentically Grow Your Email List.

Personalize your list with the segmentations

A pillar of content and copywriting is to record as if you’re speaking to one single person at a times. This isn’t practical with mass mail marketing, but segmenting your list and messages helps attain the same sort of feeling. Email marketing segmentations transforms generic email into personalized and tailored messages more reasonable to resonate with your recipients.

Luckily it’s never been simpler to accomplish this. Modern temporary mail marketing softwares provides you to efficiently segment your messages to recipients based on a number of factors such as:




Past email

SendGrid offer all of these segmentation skills in our own email marketing tool, Marketing Campaigns. If you’re concerned in learning about how to leverage your segmentations with automation, sign up for SendGrid’s automation beta waitlist. 

Include a simple call to actions

If you’ve worked to convince your recipients to open one of your promotional emails, nice work. Take three second to praise. But this is merely the starts. What are you charging them to do once you’ve grabbed their attentions?

temporary email
What is Temporary Email?

Without a compelling call to action (CTA), all your struggles and planning will sadly be for nothing. How you craft your CTA will depend on the action you want the recipient to take. And yes, there’s a guide for making strong email CTA. 

Happy blasting emailing!

The tip mentioned above are meant to take you on the right path for sending successful email campaigns. There’s surely more to consider and more times to spend on elements like clever and engaging subject lines and beautiful, reader-friendly designs. For the further on that, download our best practice guides bundle Email Marketing 101.

In the meantime, let’s set the phrase email blast to eternal rests.

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